Bike Garage – Holiday hours

Bike Garage

Steve Drivon, lead mechanic at The Bike Garage and Maria Contreras Tebbutt, founder, provide bicycle education and training

The Bike Campaign’s #1 goal is to increase the joy of bike riding, while reducing car trips (especially to schools).  To support residents’ efforts we provide FREE bicycle repair services (by donation). Donations of adult serviceable bikes are appreciated and make it possible to provide on-going education to anyone who is bike curious, would like to learn how to ride, or maintain bicycles.

The Bike Campaign’s website:, phone (530) 753-1125 and email ( are always available to serve the public.

The Bike Garage, located at First St. @ Hays St. in Woodland, will be open through Wed., December 13th, 2-5pm Saturdays 9am-noon).  The Bike Garage will be closed from Sat. Dec. 16th and reopen on Wed. Jan. 17th.  Phone calls and emails are welcome during the holiday break.

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