Why I Ride – Michael Viray



Michael Conrad Viray

I remember riding a bike at the age of 4, the neighbor boys taught me using their BMX bikes which didn’t have training wheels. This was both an exhilarating and terrifying experience as I hadn’t been exposed to a bike until that point. I moved to Davis this year as a transfer student from Foothill Community College. I know that Davis is a really big bike campus and I realized that walking everywhere wasn’t really the best/ fastest way to get around. Having biked all throughout the Bay Area, it’s Davis which is the most accommodating towards bike riders and commuters who use alternative modes of transportation. Previously attending UC Santa Cruz before my year at community college, it was impossible to bike with such steep hills and taking the bus was pretty much the only option to get to campus. Now that I’m at a UCD, biking as a mode of transportation is the best way to get around.

With the single geared bike that was donated to me by The Bike Campaign, one of the most exciting things about riding it is the constant pedaling that a fixed gear requires. Previously working and commuting in San Francisco and San Jose, a fixed gear was perfect for my commute as it was lighter and there is more control and maintenance is much simpler. The last fixed gear I had before it was stolen allowed me to keep pushing at speeds up to 15-20 miles an hour while still allowing me perfect control to stop at a moment’s notice. It’s really the cool to feel the wind in your face that feels so good especially after a long day of work.

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