Cycling skills for employers/ staff

Forty percent of urban travel in the United States is within two miles of where people live. This means much of our daily travel could be by bike, and Yolo County’s terrain and weather make it easy to bicycle much of the year.250_ Commuter

Many of us have a short commute trip. and bicycling is an ideal travel mode for short trips. (The cyclist at right has an ideal commuter bike, with rack, bell, fenders and lights, and is wearing a Yakkay bike helmet. )

If you live within 10 miles of work, bicycling takes about the same amount of time as driving a car to work. To handle a longer commute, try driving to work with your bike and then ride home one day, then ride to work the next day and drive home.

Bicycling can be one of most pleasant ways to commute to work. Rather than being stressed from driving to work, the exercise of bicycling actually relieves stress. Bicycle commuters often say their commute is the best part of their work day.

If you’re nervous about riding on the streets with traffic, try an Urban Cycling Skills class.

Urban Cycling Skills classes

Bicycling is more fun when you ride with skill and confidence, and most of safe riding in traffic is having the knowledge to ride predictably and to be visible to motorists. Develop that self-confidence with the Urban Cycling class which prepares cyclists to be comfortable riding on the street, blending smoothly into the flow of traffic. Understand lane positioning and develop the skills to avoid crashes. The class is given by instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists.

Urban Cycling Skills classes can now be taken in a 1-hour classroom session and 1-hour on bikes The class is FREE and all attendees will receive a FREE set of bike lights.  New helmets available for only $10.   To register email: