Davis and Woodland city bike tours

IMG_5027The Bike Campaign in collaboration with the City of Davis, and the City of Woodland is proud to announce two fun and information filled events designed to bring together School District leadership and important community representatives. The is a unique opportunity to give a bike-friendly welcome to our new Superintendent Dr. John Bowes in Davis, and a grand tour to Woodland schools Superintendent Dr. Maria Armstrong. Both School Districts’ Board of Trustees are invited as well as Assistant Superintendents, Principals, PTA’s, City Councils and Directors of many City departments that relate to transportation and sustainability. The Davis Bike Tour will take place on Monday, August 8th, from 9am-11am, and the Woodland Bike Tour will take place on Friday., August 5th, from 9am-11am. Both tours are approximately 3-4 miles long at a casual pace and will feature local schools.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much traffic surrounding schools during the school year? Did you know that both Woodland and Davis schools generate 20,000 car trips a day (each!)? Would it be possible to lead the nation by reducing car traffic to schools by 20%? Have your kids’ bikes been stolen or damaged while at school? What are the Safe Routes to School and Street Smarts programs all about? How does the Active4me scanning program work? Do you wish more people in the community used the rules of the road? Why are significantly fewer teens getting driver’s licenses?

IMG_4947The answers to these questions and many more will be covered in a joyful bike ride together on the communities’ bike loops. The Bike Loops were designed to highlight the best (and safest) access to City parks, many of which are adjacent to schools. While street riding can seem off-putting to parents due to high traffic volume during the school year, there are better routes to ride a bicycle on other than the streets that cars use.

Though most people know how to ride a bike, they may not feel confident riding a bike during high traffic volume times of day. There are many options available to increase bike riding confidence; 1) Take a certified Cycling Skills Class, 2) Ride with more experienced riders to gain knowledge and experience and new friends, 3) Learn how to teach and roll model best bike riding practices to your family and friends. Information about all of these services can be found through The Bike Campaign’s website, http://www.thebikecampaign.com.

YeahThe ability to ride a bike on city streets is not encoded into our DNA. Investing the time to learn about and gain confidence on a bicycle whether you are 6 or 65 is well worth the many dividends of improved physical and mental health, cleaner and more peaceful environment, cost and time savings that bicycle riding can provide. The 1st Annual Leadership Bike Tours are for School District and Community Leaders by RSVP only.  If you would like more information about reducing car trips and other community bike events, please contact, Maria Contreras Tebbutt at (530) 753-1125 or funmaria@sbcglobal.net.