Upcoming Events


Saturdays and Wednesdays – Woodland

The Bike Garage

School year (begins Aug. 22nd): Sat. 9AM–Noon, Wed. 2–5PM
Summer: Saturdays & Wednesdays 9AM–Noon 
1st and Hays Street behind Douglass Middle School in Woodland, CA.
(Across from Woodland Adult Education).
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Thursday, August 9th – Woodland

Transportation Options Workshop 
At the Woodland Branch Library at 6pm Topics include: walking, biking, Zip, Uber, Lyft, inter and intra city travel, buses, Amtrak, installing and using apps and combining modes of travel.

Bring your laptop/smart phone. No reservations required. Light refreshments served.
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530.753.1125  |  funmaria@sbcglobal.net

Se habla español.