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Peoples Climate March
Bike to the People’s Climate Movement Rally (article)

Join the People’s Climate Movement rally and march in Sacramento on Saturday April 29.

Pedal Love Podcast StripMaria Contreras Tebbutt—Telling Your Story by Pedal Love (podcast)

This short piece is the “Telling Your Story” segment of the Jan 2017 Pedal Love Webinar on “The Power of Owning Your Story.” This segment features Maria Contreras Tebbutt Director of the Bike Campaign in Woodland California – a marvelous storyteller – sharing why she’s so passionate about getting more people on bikes.

Podcast Strip.jpgBicycle and Vehicle Safety (podcast)

The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, the Davis Police Department and The Bike Campaign & Bike Garage talk about bicycle and vehicle safety.

Bike Lock Cutting Thieve
STOP bike theft: The Bike Campaign works together with local Bike Club (article)

The Bike Campaign together with our local Bike Club offers FREE Tile tracker devices to curb bike theft.

why-bike-bannerWhy Bike (article)

Communities and schools using bikes is the first step to change community culture and to create options for getting around that are more inviting for everyone, both young and old.

SecondFridayBingoBikeCampaing.jpgPlay bingo for bikes (article)

Everyone is invited to support The Bike Campaign and the Bike Garage by playing bingo on Sunday, February 12,  at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall,415 Second St., in downtown Davis. Doors open at noon and play begins at 1 p.m.  Players can win cash prizes up to $250 and pull-tab instant payouts of $100. Raffle prizes will also be awarded.

CoolDavis.jpgThe Bike Campaign: For Maria the Only Way to Go Is by Bike! (article)

Cool Davis welcomes The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage as our newest Partner! Founder and director Maria Contreras Tebbutt wants to reduce car trips and increase bike safety. It’s that simple. She encourages everyone who possibly can to take up bike riding.

GoHumanCampaign.jpgGo Human advertising campaign resources (download the media kit)

Please download the Go Human Digital Media Kit and help us spread the word. The Digital Media Kit includes digital ads, posts and tweets for you to use.

The real-life superhero who beats the cops to bike thieves (article)

Bike Batman was just an average-seeming guy in Seattle who liked to ride his bicycles. He had no inkling to become a vigilante who would face off against criminals while armed with little more than a smartphone, some spare time, and a pair of brass balls. But sometimes in life, the cape finds you.

The Bike Campaign welcomes UCD students (article)

When the migration of students return to Davis at the end of the summer, Davis residents complain mightily about their lack of bicycling ‘etiquette’. To alleviate this stress and to give students a Platinum-rated Bicycle Friendly welcome, The Bike Campaign will meet personally with new residents at several major apartment complexes to provide “FREE Bike Clinics. FREE Bike Clinics include a professional bike mechanic who performs a 50-point safety inspection on bicycles.

Pedal Love: Women and Bicycling (website)

Starting in September 2016 Pedal Love launches an eighteen month project (part storytelling platform, part traditional and social media outreach campaign) to focus on measurably increasing coverage of positive, compelling stories about women and bicycling in the regional and national media.

Perform Your Own Bike Inspection (article)

Here are some easy to follow instructions for performing your own bike inspection.

Group campaigns to make streets safer for bicyclists (video)

The Bike Campaign in Yolo County is promoting safety and health through bicycling with leaders in Davis and Woodland.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.38.47 PM
Bike theft is everywhere (article)

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS lock your bike securely, even if you’re leaving it for “just a minute”.

Davis and Woodland city bike tours (article)

The University of California, Davis is recognized as a Platinum Bicycle Friendly University and is the first university to be awarded Platinum Bicycle Friendly Business status.

UC Davis: Bicycle friendly university (video)

The University of California, Davis is recognized as a Platinum Bicycle Friendly University and is the first university to be awarded Platinum Bicycle Friendly Business status.

How the humble bicycle is making a comeback in US cities (video/article)

Towards the end of the 19th Century America was in the grip of cycling craze. More than 100 years later, the bicycle is at the centre of another social revolution, challenging the dominance of the car in American cities and even changing the way urban areas look.

UCDavis.jpgUC Davis TAPS BEEP (video)

Very cool and instructive video about how to safely bike at UC Davis. Thousands of students, staff and faculty saddle up for their daily commute, every semester.

YeahYeah.jpgCycling, from The League of American Bicyclists (videos)

These videos will help you understand how to ride safely, improve comfort and find the right bike and gear. You will also learn what your rights are as a bicyclist.


Trayvon A handy Travoy bike trailer can help you reduce car trips (video)

Travoy trailers are light, easy to attach to your bicycle, and can even be taken shopping. Watch this video to learn more and to see the Travoy trailer in action.

Cycling skills for employers/ staff (article)

Many of us have a short commute trip. and bicycling is an ideal travel mode for short trips. If you live within 10 miles of work, bicycling takes about the same amount of time as driving a car to work.

10 Steps to Riding Your Bike to Work (article)

10 steps and a checklist for riding your bike to work. Try the bike trip planner online or go to Google maps and click the bicycle for a suggested bike route.

School’s out and there’s more time for biking (article)

While travel plans are part of summer for many of us, there are plenty of opportunities to have new biking adventures right here in Yolo County. Many families are enjoying a slower pace and are able to spend more time with each other.

RulesPedal safely and with confidence (article)

The League of American Bicyclist’s Five Rules of the Road prepare you for a safe and fun bicycling no matter where you’re riding.

RaiseARicerHow to raise a rider (article)

If you’re a parent, you probably want to bring bicycling to the next generation. The nice part is, you’re way ahead of the game by being a rider yourself. Kids (well, at least little ones) often want to do things just like their parents, but if you need a little help getting your child interested in biking, try these tips.

Tips and tricks for riding with kids (article)

Riding with kids slows you down, and that’s not a bad thing. Beyond creating future bike riders, ingraining street skills, and engaging in physical activity, biking with kids is fun. Here’s how to make the most of it.

uc-davis_bikesCUTGlobal shift to bicycling could save world trillions of dollars, 10 percent of transport emissions (article)

A dramatic global shift to increased cycling and electric biking, or e-biking, could cut energy use and carbon dioxide emissions from urban transport by up to 10 percent by 2050.

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