School’s out and there’s more time for biking

School’s out! While travel plans are part of summer for many of us, there are plenty of opportunities to have new biking adventures right here in Yolo County. Many families are enjoying a slower pace and are able to spend more time with each other. Summer is a great time to help your children learn to ride or improve their biking skills, and to bike and play in your own neighborhood. It’s a good time for you to gain confidence as an adult rider, too, and for you and your family to try out new routes together

1. Learn to ride: you’re never too young — or too old!
Toddlers ages two to five can get the feel of rolling, balancing and steering on a balance bike (also called a scoot or push bike). A taller child gets the same healthy start when you remove the bike’s pedals and lower the seat. Our experienced biking coach can help your child attain essential skills. Or perhaps you’d like to brush up on your own biking skills, especially if you plan to bike with your children. Take a free Bicycle Skills Adult Class this summer.

2. New parents: learn about family biking gear and get rolling
Want to start riding with your baby, toddler or school aged kids? We’re offer free training with a Certified Coach (You’re also invited to test ride our family bikes, balance bikes for kids, trailers and tag-a-longs).

3. Start biking close to home
If you or your child is new to biking for everyday transportation, a short walk or ride to a nearby schoolyard, playground or friend’s house is a great way to start. There are now public many public schoolyards open in neighborhoods throughout the city. What a great place to practice biking!

5. Replace one car trip weekly with a bike ride
When you’re just getting started, take it slow. Try swapping out one of your regularly-occurring weekly car trips with a bike ride: How about a Bike to Summer Camp Day? Or making Bike to Work Day a habit? Take advantage of the long summer days, lighter car traffic and less scheduling pressure, and enjoy a new biking adventure right here in Yolo County. Have a great summer!

For more information about how you can get rolling, contact Maria Contreras Tebbutt at (530) 753-1125 or Visit The Bike Campaign’s website at