STOP bike theft: The Bike Campaign works together with local Bike Club

Tile tracker Device InstallationThe Bike Campaign together with our local Bike Club offers FREE Tile tracker devices to curb bike theft.  We are giving away tiny radio transmitters to local bicycle owners.  FREE Tile trackers will be installed on Saturday, May 6th, 9am-noon, at the Bike Garage, First St. @ Hays St (across from Woodland Adult Education).

Locks are a minor inconvenience to bike thieves.  Police have limited resources to address this problem. Together we are taking on bike theft, a significant problem in our community.  To receive a FREE Bike Tracker, bike owners must:

Bike Lock Cutting Thieve.jpg

•  Be minimum 12 years of age
•  Bring bicycle to Bike Garage for free installation
•  Download the free “Tile” application on your smart phone.
Together, we are making Yolo County a cleaner, healthier, friendlier, more prosperous place through bicycling.   For more information contact:  Maria Contreras Tebbutt, (530) 753-1125,,