Take a field trip to the Bike Garage

The Bike Campaign’s #1 goal is to increase bike riding enjoyment. You, your family, club or school group are invited to schedule a group tour of the Bike Garage, located at First St. @ Hays St. (Across from Woodland Adult Ed).


Participants can learn how to use bike pumps, fix a flat, adjust helmets and seat positions while they learn and practice ‘SAVVY STREET SKILLS’.  The Bike Garage is open every Saturday, from 9am-noon, and Wednesdays after school from 2pm-5pm.  You can schedule a bike party for birthdays or other special events and we’ll get everyone rolling!


For more information about how to schedule a group event, contact Maria Contreras Tebbutt at (530) 753-1125 or funmaria@sbcglobal.net.