The Bike Campaign welcomes UCD students

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When the migration of students return to Davis at the end of the summer, Davis residents complain mightily about their lack of bicycling ‘etiquette’.  The number of people riding on the wrong side of the street, sidewalks, not obeying stop signs and not using hand signals is only eclipsed by the number of people on Davis streets that do not use lights (1/2 hour before sunset, 1/2 hour after dawn) or reflectors (a total of 8 as required by law), and wearing dark clothing while on their bikes at night.  Nothing is more frightening to locals when driving at night than not being able to see riders on bikes.

To alleviate this stress and to give students a Platinum-rated Bicycle Friendly welcome, The Bike Campaign will meet personally with new residents at several major apartment complexes to provide “FREE Bike Clinics. FREE Bike Clinics include a professional bike mechanic who performs a 50-point safety inspection on bicycles.  This thorough review highlights safety issues, makes adjustments to increase safety and comfort, and informs students about local resources for getting their bikes into top running condition.  The Bike Campaign brings along new bike helmets, front and rear bike lights, and provides the “rules of the road” and basic bike maintenance information to everyone who attends.  Students are encouraged to take Cycling Skills classes through the City’s Parks and Rec. Department or The Bike Campaign and to learn about low-cost resources available for bike repair like Bike 4th and the Bike Garage.  Maria Contreras Tebbutt, a Nationally Certified Cycling Instructor is available to answer the many questions new residents have about bike riding in Davis and on campus.

Upcoming September dates for FREE Bike Clinics are: 

• Thursday, Sept. 15th, 12-20pm, West Village Apartments, UCD
• Thursday, Sept. 22th, 3-5pm, Glacier Point Apartments, 2225 Glacier Ave.
• Friday, Sept. 23rd, 3-5pm, Aspen Village Apartments
• Monday, Sept. 26th, 3-5pm, 8th & Wake Apartments
• Friday, Sept. 30th, 3-5pm Saratoga West Apartments
For more information or to schedule “FREE Bike Clinic” at your apartment complex, workplace, or for a group, contact Maria Contreras Tebbutt at (530) 753-1125 or