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Bike broken? Tires gone flat? Come to the Bike Garage, where volunteer mechanics are ready to help you repair your bike or teach you how. Only pay what you can, but please remember we rely on donations. The Bike Garage is Yolo County’s sole “by donation only” repair shop.

Bike beyond repair? We are happy to show you a great selection of high-quality, street legal, used bikes that are ready to roll. Lowest prices in Northern California (cash only please). See our selection!

Serviceable donations of bikes, gear and accessories are appreciated.

BIKE GARAGE HOURS (School year hours begin August 22nd)
School Year:
Saturdays 9AM–Noon, Wednesdays 2–5PM
Summer: Saturdays & Wednesdays 9AM–Noon

1st and Hays Street behind Douglass Middle School in Woodland, CA.
(Across from Woodland Adult Education).

Everyone who volunteers or visits The Bike Garage
can receive service, information and training on:
• How to ride a bike
• Choosing the right bike & helmet (sizing and adjustments)
• Basic bike maintenance & repairs
• Rules of the road
• Preventing bike theft


Click here for the California Bicycle Coalition’s website. They summarize CA bike laws & provide links to relevant vehicle code sections.

1. Wear a helmet for every ride and use lights at night.

2. Always ride in the same direction as traffic.

3. At stop signs and driveways, look all ways for traffic before riding into the street.

4. Check your bike before every ride. Tell an adult if anything is broken or wrong with your bike.

5. Obey all traffic signs & lights.

6. Make sure other drivers see you. Be visible & make eye contact.

7. Always use hand signals when stopping or turning.

8. When riding with others, ride in a single file.


1. Check that your tires are properly inflated with air and in good condition. You may need to replace your tire if you notice cracks in the sides or worn spots that bulge.

2. Squeeze the brakes and rock your bike forward. Both brakes should grip the rims smoothly and evenly. When braking, the levers should be at least one finger’s width away from the handlebars.

3. Check that the chain is running smoothly by pedaling backwards. Add lube to the chain if it looks dry or squeaks. Clean your chain with degreaser to remove rust and lube build-up.

4. Check that the quick releases, unusually on the seat and wheels, are locked down and tight. Tighten if needed and make sure levers on the wheels point up or to the back.

5. Your handlebars need to be tight and in line with the front wheel. Check tightness by squeezing the front wheel between your legs and trying to turn the handlebars from side to side. Tighten the stem bolts with an Allen wrench if the handlebars move.

6. Use lights, white in front and red in the rear, when riding at night. Check batteries often and make sure the lights are visible to drivers. Carry spare batteries with you.

Have questions? Want to become a Bike Garage volunteer?
Contact us!

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