We are VOLUNTEERS working together to increase fun and safe bike riding in Yolo County


Maria Contreras Tebbutt – The Bike Campaign and Bike Garage founder – Nationally Certified Cycling Instructor

Mark Tebbutt – “Hello I am Mark Tebbutt the treasurer for the bike campaign. I like to ride my bike everyday. I like to go on rides around town and go on rides to other cities. Being on my bike is almost always fun.”

Felipe Giusti – Lead Mechanic – School Programs

Jen Wuoltee – Webmaster/Facebook manager

Dave Joshel – Lead mechanic – Davis Bike Club board member – “My fondest experiences, working with The Bike Campaign and at the Bike Garage were meeting Rich (Elmore) and Maria (Contreras).”

Robert Dragoon – Lead mechanic – Enjoys spin classes and road bikes

Steve Drivon – Lead mechanic – Specializing in vintage Schwinns and choppers

Mark Moreno – Mechanic/trainer – Cargo bike owner


Rich Elmore – Mechanic.  Experienced mountain and road bike rider – Rich had a bad knee injury when he found a flyer from The Bike Campaign. He liked the organizations mission, got in touch with Maria and explained his injury. Maria started picking him up weekly and he worked with her around the Bike Garage—he considered it a Godsend. Maria and The Bike Campaign were his rehab.
One time on a bike ride Mark noted that a woman needed a helmet, so he got her one. Later that day she saw him again and was sooo thankful. “You’re my angel” she said. She had fallen off her bike that day and the helmet saved her.

Jim Wellington – Mechanic/trainer – Cargo bike owner

Matt Palm – Grant writer and bike convert.

INTERNS:  Dezmon Eibensteiner (18 years old in 2016)

 Gabe Beauchamp (17 years old in 2016)

Emmet Duse (15 years old in 2016)

Antonio Ramos (15 years old in 2016)
“Come on down!”

Kaleb Haney-Hamlin (13 years old in 2016) – Came in to the Bike Garage with a flat and learned to fix it. Now he’s fixing bikes for other people in the community.

Eddie – Volunteer “There are a lot of youngsters that come to learn how to fix their bikes, like Kaleb, who are very energetic.”

Aaron Wedra – Graphic designer – fixie bike owner


To volunteer with The Bike Campaign (in or out of the Bike Garage), contact Maria Contreras Tebbutt at
funmaria@sbcglobal.net  |  530.753.1125
No experience needed, we’ll teach you what you need to know.
Se habla español.